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January 4, 2012

On Wednesday, October 30, 2013, PASPS of Phoenix, AZ said
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much! Keep praying saints. A testimony is being BORN IJN

Cynthia Payton AMEN!

PastorMadasu Philip Praise the Lord... May The Lord Touch Him and Heal in Jesus name. And Brother Paytom, Appreciate your Services and Prayers.

Garlin Newton Praying

Min Payton The Stripes of Jesus Christ is the Balm Of Gilead! Hallelujah!

Sher Anayat Being a man of God I claim totally health recovery and dip in the blood of Jesus and be healed right now in the name of Jesus amen

Sher Anayat Balm of Gilead be around him and i dip him in this precious Balm which is so powerful and precious than all the medicine of world healed in Jesus name Amen, Amen

Sher Anayat wherever used the blood of Jesus and there is germs of diseases and spirits of death be disappeared that life amen

Min Payton Saints! Please send a prayer chain for this young man who i have been training as a minister of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.The enemy tried to stop his "Birthright" nevertheless, it was CANCELLED...By the Power Of The Holy Spirit. PASPS


Evangelist Glori Ben When you pray everything is going to be alright! Just have faith, Amen! Thank you, Jesus for your Healing Power.

PASPS....When this is over...We will take another photo, to show what OUR GOD has done! Amen


On Tuesday, May 8, 2012, Tanisha Lawson 5/8/2012 from San Diego, CA said
‎#4 Update on Christian: HE HAS RISEN!! He is pulling the tubes out. So they took them all out and he is trying to talk to his mom!! Glory!!!! Praise the lord!! A living testimony like I said. Thank you father for sending him back to us. He will do much in service of you. Thank you Lord!!! Glory!!!! #crying....AND ON THE THIRD HE ROSE, Amen!!!!!


Paula Atchison Ain't GOD good ya'll?!

Glori Ben Praise GOD!!!! Tears of Joy, AMEN!!!!!!

Minister Sherie Harris Hallelujah Lord! Glory! The Lord is awesome!

Glori Ben Oh, Yes he is!!!!!

Minister Sherie Harris Thank you Lord! You are so worthy to be praised!

Denise Woods Hallejuah thank you Jesus!!! God is great and greatly to be praise.

TheScarlet Armor You knew it Sis...when you posted it. Im telling you there IS SOMETHING...About God's people! HIYA! I feel a SHOUT coming on....Somebody said it’s LIKE FIRE! Alll SHUT UP! Heyyyyy! We the people of the Messiah, we say yes to healing, yes to his POWER, yes to his command, WE SAY ....HEEEEYYYYYY! (Running)

Tanisha Lawson Thank you all for your support! I am sooo blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. I just feel like screaming GLORY!!! I am at work so I have to try and keep a lid on the glory I feel. :-)

TheScarlet Armor Now...All Saint who posted back last week regarding this Brother...Go look at your faith in words. He rose UP! Just like somebody else we know! Hallelujah to the King of Glory! Pastor Payton.


On Tuesday, May 8, 2012, Tanisha Lawson 5/8/2012 from San Diego, CA said
#3 Update on Christian: He is in stable condition. He just hasn't awakened YET. Thank u lord!! Now we need for him to rise n this sickness to be wiped away. I don't know about u...but I know the lord can make it happen! Our prayers are working! Praise God n all that he has done n what he has yet to do. I love u father!! Thank u so much!! Now my son’s death has a even greater meaning. I am able to help my sister through her journey. Please continue to pray for Christian n his family. Thank u WOG!


Glori Ben Praise the Lord!!! Bless you for allowing the Lord to use you during this time as well as keeping us updated. We will continue to pray!!!

On Tuesday, May 8, 2012, Tanisha Lawson on 5/7/2012 from San Diego, CA said
‎#2 Update on Christian: Tests have come back in it shows that he has a cyst on his brain. The seizures that he had damaged his kidney muscles what extent...we don't know yet. He now has a breathing n feeding tube helping him. He is still unresponsive. My friend Tameisha would like to thank all of u for all ur prayers. May God send him back to his mom healthy with much praise for the lord coming out of his mouth. Please Lord...don't call him home yet. WOG I believe we r gonna need the lord to show his mighty power on this. I am constantly keeping them lifted in prayer. Endurance and strength for this family to keep the faith. Lord we know all that u do is for ur reason. We r calling on u Jesus to heal ur child n use his life as a living testimony to praise n glorify ur holy name.


MrsBridgette Blessedbeyond Eubanks The strength of the Holy Ghost is sitting there with Christian and i pray constantly for the arisen for him a new creation when he awakes!

On Tuesday, May 8, 2012, Tanisha Lawson on 5/7/2012 from San Diego, CA said
Update on Christian: He has had a total of 9 seizures now. He still is in unresponsive with a low heart rate. I am keeping his mother lifted on my prayers along with so many others. I thank u all for ur prayers. I think today will be the day when our father shows us something wonderful. Thank u Lord!!!


Paula Atchison LORD let your will be done!

Cynthia Payton Today Lord heal this child. Thanking you right now for healing in you specious name Jesus.

Glori Ben We thank you Lord for Christian's healing and know that you are able to done more and above all that we can ever ask for! We have Faith that you are in the midst and will be glorified in this miracle, in Jesus, our Messiah, Holy Name, Amen!

On Tuesday, May 8, 2012, Tanisha Lawson 5/6/2012 from San Diego, CA said
Tanisha Lawson wrote on 5/6/2012: WOG please continue praying for Christian. He is unresponsive n low heart rate. Lord please allow this baby to go back to his mother. He is only 17 yrs old. Jesus please hear our prayer n intervene.



Glori Ben Praying @ have faith the Lord has already intervened, Amen.

Margaret Bailey Praying for Christian.

Cynthia Payton We know all things are possible with Our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

TheScarlet Armor Yes Lord, let your perfect WILL BE done. By your Power alone. Amen. We claim the Power of the risen Christ for this and other saint's going through right now. Hallelujah, Even the youth shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall, but THEY THAT WAIT!!!!! Praise God!!! THEY THAT WAIT! Praise God!.........

Tanisha Lawson Amen! Praising his holy name for all that he has done n will do for all his children. All the glory belongs to him! Thank u...thank u lord!!!

On Tuesday, May 8, 2012, Tanisha Lawson 5/6/2012 from San Diego, CA said
Women of God in The Scarlet Armor on Facebook, I come to u today not for me but my friends son. His name is Christian n he suffers from seizures. He has 4 already today. They r rushing him to the ER now. Her house has been under attack for a couple weeks now. Now the devil is going after her kids. Please pray for the father intervention. Mercy...

Prayer Responses:

Cora Dawson Praying now!

Glori Ben We are praying for the family. Bless you for letting us know.

MrsBridgette Blessedbeyond Eubanks Father God i decree & declare total healing...i know first hand of seizures i have them as well and i too pray over myslf...the enemy is busy and i must pleed the blood of Jesus asking to allow Christian to touch the hem of ur garment Jesus and be made whole for complete healing in Jesus name for God we all touch and agree and trust and believe he will return home healed and delivered from seizing and i Rebuke the enemy and all things that arent of the HOLY SPIRIT from the home, the devil is a lie and he cant have our nephew/and our sisters child Christian flee devil theres no room for u in this FAMILY! IN JESUS NAME AMEN-

Minister Sherie Harris Lord, we are resting in your arms on this day and casting all of our cares on you because we know that you care for us. Lord, we are standing in on behalf of this child father God who is having seizures , Lord we are asking that you you’re your minstering angels in the room to calm the storm; Lord, if medication is what is needed then Lord regulate this child’s seizure with the medication. Lord, we are asking that faith steps in right now like never before. Lord perform a miracle on this day and give the enemy a run for his money. WE are standing in agreement that all is done in Jesus Name Amen & Amen!

Tanisha Lawson Amen!!

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