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December 25, 2011

On Friday, June 12, 2015, Paula Isbell of Little Rock, AR said
Was blessed to attend the morning prayer call. Oooo what a prayer warrior, Pastor Payton is. We be joining the call again. My feet done got light praising him, Hallelujah!

God Bless all of BCF International


On Thursday, May 28, 2015, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
Greetings Glori. I would like to say that I was truely blessed by the preachings/teachings of Pastor Payton entitled: " Let Us Dance!" I took very extensive notes, as reference- so that I can view later. There were many, many keys points that I captured, but one of my great take aways was " When you bring God with you, you will be blessed!" I find this to be true. And I experienced true evidence of this on yesterday when I was told a month ago that I would not be eligible for a much needed medical therapy, but upon further evaluation and the fact that I was very humble and obedient- God showed me favor and I was granted another month to continue my therapy. Yes, it is true that " the power and anointing is in a person- according to the way that they carry themselves!"


On Tuesday, April 14, 2015, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
Good morning Glori. I just wanted to tell you thanks for sharing Pastor Payton's sermon- " Power of God's Love." I was truely blessed by this sermon, and I am so reminded of the many times that love is referenced in the Bible. There were many great key points, but one of my greatest take aways was " The true law of liberty is love."


On Monday, April 6, 2015, Sonja Harris of North Little Rock, AR said
To God be the glory enjoyed the message, Grace to Passover!


On Monday, February 2, 2015, Cynthia Harper of North Little Rock, AR said
Message: BCF, Int'l Street Preaching to the Homeless in Downtown Phoenix, AZ...We need more of this Ministry in the world today.

The ministry is in my prayers. I know God will continue to do great things.  
I love you all and I pray that God will continue to bless you in all your endeavors.


On Tuesday, January 27, 2015, Monica Malbeck of Phoenix, AZ said
Message: BCF, Int'l Street Preaching to the Homeless in Downtown Phoenix, AZ is one of the best feeling on this planet;helping others and mostly those who feel God forgot them ... Remind them to Believe !!!

Great work you are doing ! God bless your steps !


On Sunday, January 25, 2015, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
I was really blessed by this sermon, "Jesus Christ, Our Covering". I was able to take away many, many, key points/nuggets, but I am so reminded of an encounter that I had this week when I took a patient to her appointment. When another patient came into the waiting room, I ask him what was his name so that I could pray for him and I wanted to know if he had any special prayer requests. He stopped me right there and said, " You are a christian aren't you? How I know is because it is all over your face!" So this is an on time word for such a time as this.


On Saturday, January 17, 2015, Miz Connie San Diego, Ca said
Pastor A Payton, Sermon Hole In The Wall - 'very good message and timely in this season. God bless the message and messenger.


On Monday, January 12, 2015, Sonja Harris Thomas of North Little Rock, AR said
Amen Amen Amen Sis Maxine Brown, the sermon "Who Is God?", blessed my soul as well, thank You Lord!!



On Monday, January 12, 2015, Nip Langston of Settle, Washington said
Sermon "Who Is God?"...powerful word glory



On Monday, January 12, 2015, Tara Hernandez of IN said
Sermon "Who is God?", Jesus is God...


On Monday, January 12, 2015, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
Great sermon Pastor Payton- I really enjoyed your sermon/teachings on "Who Is God?" I took many notes, but my great take away was " There is something about God's word that brings the anointing!" And the great hidden treasures... This sermon really blessed my soul, and I look forward to hearing the others. Have a blessed day!


On Monday, January 12, 2015, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
As always, I was truely blessed by this sermon/ teaching. This was a very fitting topic- " Who's Your Daddy?" I was so inspired by this message, and I took away many nuggets. But one that I took away was "We must fully know who our Messiah is!" And the purpose that God is sent here for- He is sent here for redemption! Thank you Pastor Payton for this great message, I plan to re-visit this sermon by looking over the entensive notes that I took!


On Tuesday, January 6, 2015, Sonja Harris of North Little Rock, AR said
PASPS Powerful Message: Who's Your Daddy? What an awesome Word from the Lord "Whom do men say that I am?" Thank You Jesus "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.!!!



On Tuesday, December 23, 2014, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
I was really blessed by the sermon " The Good Housekeeping Seal" I too know that "God is looking for saints with the Good Housekeeping Seal!" It is so great to know that not only am I the seed of Abraham, but also like the great prophet Jeremiah. To know that we have that special anointing is wonderful!


On Monday, December 22, 2014, Angel Allen of North Little Rock, AR said
Feeling truly blessed today as I have received a blessing!!! I plan on putting it in the window of my car where it can be seen better. Thank you Bride Christian Fellowship International (The Scarlet Armor). Pastor Payton, Sister Payton and Evangelist Glori Ben, thank you for allowing me to be a part of The Scarlet Armor these past 3 years. As we continue to grow, I look forward to all God has in store for us! May God always bless your steps and I love you all!!!

On Thursday, December 18, 2014, Sonja Thomas of North Little Rock, AR said
Evangelist Glori Ben Message to the Sister's - "Will Thou Be Made Whole"

Wonderful Word from the Lord TO GOD BE THE GLORY!



On Thursday, December 18, 2014, Prophetess Freddie M. Hillearoy of USA said
GOD Bless You Abundantly My Beloved Pastor A. Payton Sr., this video is a blessing and a much needed Word for the people of GOD. You and yours are truly in my prayers. Continue to be that yielded


On Wednesday, December 3, 2014, Merv_Gold of Canada said
Dear brother In Christ

I enjoyed this sermon (Pastor A Payton Sr Sermon The Untouched Anointing) today, been praying for you and your ministry. We enjoy your preaching always, I want to encourage you brother, your ministry is doing a great thing in the earth, your reaching many. I don't know why I say this, God is going to make a way. Brother I just think other churches need to hear your teaching and have you ever thought about TV ministry.

Bless you brother Merv


Thank you dearly Brother Merv,

We truly bless God for your continued prayers & support for this very anointed ministry. Brother your blessing of "God making a way" for our ministry has inspired us to continue moving forward in this great calling. Although BCF is somewhat "Un-Orthodox". Her appeal seems to draw many by His Divine grace, and we are so very grateful. As far as television brother....If we had that type of support, it might be an option in the future, We strongly believe THIS is what seals our work for Jesus Christ. Sometimes its good to be on the outside of traditional thinking, and be fully used by Our Lord without political correctness, during this crucial time in His Church. Again, We love you praying God's Angels to keep your family in His Eternal presence.until Jesus comes. Sincerely, Pastor A. Payton Sr. BCF INT'L

On Saturday, November 1, 2014, Lynn Thompson Davis of Dallas, Texas said
The Lord is with you. Continue to preach and obey the Lord.


On Sunday, June 15, 2014, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
I really enjoyed this word/ teaching on Ezekiel "God Pinned A Cost (Must See)!" It blessed me, especially the part about the cutting and pattern-etc. A very true statement, " As long as we are trimmed and cut by the holy spirit, we will be alright!" This will help me in the up coming week. Everyone be blessed!


On Thursday, June 5, 2014, Cora Dawson of USA said
I have watched this video on youtube called the Brass Saints! This video made sense to me.If you are still having issues in your life after you repented and been baptized,then you have not received proper baptizing,or received the holy ghost! In order to receive the holy ghost,you must repent and receive a proper baptism in order to get inside God's Tabernacle instead of standing outside trying to look in,Amen.


On Wednesday, May 28, 2014, Patrick Isbell of USA said
Pastor Payton I appreciate your continued prayers as I grow in the word. I'm eager to learn and live by the word. Thank you so much! I really due enjoy your ministry on YouTube. I will continue to watch and enjoy you daily. God bless you! Amen!


On Thursday, May 22, 2014, Maxine Brown of USA said
I was truely blessed by this word/teaching, "Pastor A Payton, Sr Sermon "A Present Need (The Alamoth). For I know that God is my "present help in the time of need!" My great take away was: "The three things that saints must over come- once they are saved." Promise, Power, and Power. We need to exercise these three "P's daily!


On Saturday, May 17, 2014, Maxine Brown of USA said
Evangelist Glori, I really enjoyed the sermon/teaching: "A Tribute To Mothers." I agree with you on the attributes of a spirtural mother- and her quest to help make changes in one's life as she lives a Godly life. Also, I am so reminded of an encounter that I had with a homeless person last summer. He was holding up a sign that said, " I'm hungry, will work for food." So I went down the street and purchased lunch for him at Arby's. He was so appreciative for that hot meal, and it made me feel good to know that I had blessed/helped someone that day!


On Friday, May 2, 2014, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
Thank you for this very powerful word/teaching "Let US Dance!". One of my great take aways was: I am thankful that I'm "not in bondage to man made doctrine!" I am free and I thank God!


On Friday, May 2, 2014, Cora of NC said
The sermon "Let Us Dance!" is very inspirational and helped me have a better look at things I'm facing in life


On Monday, April 14, 2014, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
I was really blessed by this anointed word, The Sword & The Stone". There were many great point 's that were brought forth in this sermon/teaching, but one of things that was a great take away was "The person who is gracious- will hear from God!" "If you seek Him- you will find Him!" I receive this this because I find this to be very true. On many, many occasions- God has sent me revalation, manifistation, uncommon favor and the list goes on! I am so blessed to walk in the anointing. Thank you Pastor Payton- for this powerful word! Have a great week!


On Sunday, April 13, 2014, Miz Connie of CA said
Wonderful word, "The Sword & The Stone". Praise God.



On Wednesday, April 9, 2014, Ms. Bonseigneur of USA said
Awesome Bible Study, on The Brass Saint! Very informative. Pastor Payton, Sr, you are a blessing. You taught an excellent study. You are such a Blessing to the Body of Christ and very inspiring.


On Sunday, February 9, 2014, Dora Morales of Texas said
Praise Him!! Praise Him!! This is what I'm talking about!! Thank God for TRUE men of GOD that teach and stand for the TRUTH!! Not to be loved by the people but because the LOVE God!! Not too many Christians can HANDLE nor WANT to hear the truth.. WATCH FOR YOUR SELF (Pastor A Payton Sr Sermon A Church Without Bread).. what are you being fed?? I know at House of Praise WE are fed Gods truth!!! And I Thank GOD !!!


On Tuesday, February 4, 2014, Adriana Williams of US said
Adriana Williams, Pastor A Payton Sr Powerful Sermon Are You Praise Worthy I thank God for u pastor great message


On Tuesday, February 4, 2014, Irene Chen of US said
irene Chen, Pastor A. Payton Sr. (Incredible Anointed Sermon) "Power Of Your Praise" Pt. 1 Oh my gosh I really needed to hear this you have no idea! I didn't even know the biblical severity of arguing with my mom. Thank you very powerful sermon


On Tuesday, February 4, 2014, Dodi Payton of California said
Dodi Payton, Pastor A Payton Sr Sermon Love Thy Neighbor, I give God glory for this minister, my dear brother, who has been studying and sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 30+ years. This man of God is passionate about teaching the Holy Bible from it's root, renewing every believer's mind in effort to break the chains of old tradition. Moreso, to edify the body of Christ (believer's in "Jesus" as the son of God), and to prepare "us" properly for His return! I am so gonna subscribe, and get the word of God on this level ! Thank you, Holy Spirit, for leading my heart to this sight. Blessings, Min. Payton!


On Saturday, January 25, 2014, Yolanda Collins of Denton, TX said
Hello Friends and Family, and those of you who respect me , as I do you.. What a blessing , to read your post.. I have something to share with you as well. This is a testimony with witness. I have several things I would like to share, but I will only share one for now. I feel the strongest will in my spirit to share this. I was studying the bible and the study guide "Search for the Truth " with Sister Evangelist Glori Ben, reading scriptures daily, praying on my knees to God for healing in health, healing in my heart for the loss of my dear husband. Asking God to heal my heart of the past, praying for my siblings rebellion to reunite with me, or should I say accept me as their older sister. Last but not least, I asked, Where was my PEACE ???? I figured that I was obedient and deserved to be free from these burdens.. Now please read this carefully , because this testimony is not to offend any of you , this testimony is about me and my journey only... I thought I knew that I was taking the right steps to become closer to God, he whispered to me one day in a still small voice.. His words were , Yes you pray to me daily , but you cry yourself to sleep at night. You study my words and commandments, but you ask me the same thing over and over again in your prayers, as if I did not hear you the first time. You say you are trusting in my Spirit and Truth but you still mourn with sickness in your belly , because of your past and needs of the flesh....Well now I know we all would like to think that God will fix things right away when we pray.. God knows your truth, he knows your heart. We can not fool the Master of all things.. It finally came to me that I loved every situation , payed more attention to every situation, thought about everything I was going through more than God. Did I love all these things more than God? Yes I did, but unknowing. Exodus 20:5-6 You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me, and keep My commandments.. So what was next? , after this revelation from the Spirit of GOD. Well some of you have already figured it out on your own.. According to Acts 2:38-39 Then Peter said to them , Repent and let everyone of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. "For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call." Through Prayer with Sister Glori and Pastor Payton. I confessed unto the lord and was baptized In the name of Jesus on the 1st Sunday of 2014 at Mt Calvary in Denton, Tx. under Pastor Phillip Hudson..according to ACTS 2:38.. Amen! The freedom of burdens lifted and given to God was Savory and Sweeter than any need of the flesh. Thanks to Pastor Payton and Evangelist Glori Ben, of BCF Ministries for praying for me and with me , through this transition for GOD'S PEACE, SPIRIT,TRUTH and the HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN !! signing off "IT is Never too LATE to START OVER a good read , THE Book of ISAIAH


On Monday, January 20, 2014, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
I was blessed by this great sermon, The Revelation of Joy! My great take away was how the fruits of the spirit set the meaning for the word JOY! I am so thankful that God will "give us JOY in any situation!" I find myself reading Col. 1:8-28 often.


On Monday, January 20, 2014, Yolanda D Collins of Denton, TX said
Amen !! Wonderful Sermon, Bible Study by Pastor Payton Sr on the Revelation of Joy. God Bless!


On Monday, January 13, 2014, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
I was really blessed by this sermon, "Are You Praise Worthy". Yes, I am Praise Worthy- because when I look back over my life and "Remember The Former Things!" I am so reminded of how God enabled me to survive two car accidents that could have easily taken my life. But, God had a work for me to do. There was and still is an anointing on my life. I remember what God has done for me. So, I thank you Pastor Payton for this great word!


On Sunday, December 29, 2013, Curt Lawson of San Diego, CA said
I just saw the sermon "The Faith Seed". I am moved wow. Good word.



On Sunday, December 29, 2013, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
Wow! I really enjoyed this sermon, The Faith Seed! My great take away was: The mustard seed faith and having faith the size of that mustard seed, can produce much energy from God. And knowing that God can make our situations cease- if only we will trust Him. Thanks for the teachings!


On Sunday, December 8, 2013, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
Good Morning Evangelist Glori. It gave me such great pleasure to view the sermon, "Prognostic Revival." I would like to know if I am on the right track with the teachings. My question is: If one has a Prognostic Mentality, does it also mean that they are not being obedient to the sound doctrine, they are not exercising James 1:22? Being actual doers of the word?

Good morning, Sister Maxine Brown. You are correct, Sister. Being Prognostic means being lukewarm as well as not exercising James 1:22. The Prognostic Christian are those who have continual issues and they have a hard time staying Holy.

On Friday, December 6, 2013, Maxine Brown of Salisbury, Maryland said
Pastor Payton, Sr., I really enjoyed this preaching/teaching on your sermon "The Door To Zion!" I just watched Pastor Payton a second time and my greatest take away was: Matt. 11:25- Come unto me... I give all of my burdens to God. And the importance of having God in your life- this is the justification that "I know Christ," especially when I speak those good things that I know will come to past, because I really believe God for it!



On Sunday, December 1, 2013, Steve Zomok of USA said
Encouraging you to Keep on the path after watching the sermon Abide In The Ship, Amen!


On Sunday, December 1, 2013, Steve Zomok of USA said
Thank you for sharing the Bible Study - The Door to Zion!


On Sunday, December 1, 2013, Ali Collins of USA said
I am so glad for the Bible Study - The Door to Zion. I almost never visit the book of Titus.


On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, biblepsalm of USA said
Dear Brother in Christ

Thanks for this sermon (Pastor A Payton Sr Sermon Prepare the Wave), I was very blessed by the anointed Word.


On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, BiblePsalm of USA said
Dear Brother in Christ I noticed you have your Sabbath on Saturday. I believe Constantine changed to a Roman pagan calendar to take away the Jewish calendar where the Sabbath was on Saturday not Sunday. Thanks for this sermon I was very blessed by the anointed Word.


On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, Window2TheWord of USA said
Just found your channel. God bless you in all you are doing for Him! Have a great week... Window 2 the word


On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, KidzEchoingPraise of USA said
We friended you and subbed you. Great videos. Come see our praise dance and other videos. Have a good week... EP Kids Shari, Mel, Aleeya and Joshua


On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, EchoingPraise of USA said


On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, blufflycinderman of USA said
Thank you for your sermons, I have watched you so many times. Just wanted to tell you your ministry has helped me many times. Please be faithful and build yourself up in His most Holy Faith. Thanks for the Word and sound Doctrine. God Bless you and the ministry He has ordained you to do.


On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, Sonja Harria Thomas of North Little Rock, AR said
Praise the Lord Sisters! I listened to this message (The Thanksgiving Family 2013) last night and Pastor Payton broke this message down and made it plain through the unction of the Holy Ghost. Thank you Evangelist Glori Ben for sharing these beautiful messages. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


On Tuesday, September 24, 2013, Pamela Willis said
I simply must give God Thanks once again for the passion of your heart. And Blessing me on a Really Rainy day. Much Blessing to you All....

Evangelist Pamel Willis


On Thursday, August 22, 2013, Pastor M Gold (HigherPraiseTube) of USA said
Greetings I first want to thank you for your prayers and your precious words of encouragement. Sickness is a weapon the enemy uses to take out those who are working for the Lord. But greater is Christ in us, no weaponed formed against us can prosper.

The Christian surgeon and his team were amazing, the operation took 4.5 hours. The doctors removed a tumor the size of a golf ball off my right kidney. It is still quite painful, I have been home 1 week and am still recovering. It takes approx 3 months to recover from this type of surgery. I can't wait to be over this and be busy for the Lord.

We still covet your prayers always, when we are in need Christ is strong. I remember you and your ministry in our prayers. God has blessed you with a unique ministry, keep strong in Christ. God will always make a way, you are His children and He cares for you. An older preacher once said, the Lord is closer to us than our own breath, He does hear and will answer.

My wife and I are blessed by your your ministry and everything you have done to build our faith at this time. We enjoy your wonderful video sermons.

May God pour out His Mighty Blessing on you today and always. I am so glad we can communicate and know we have friends who care. Thank you


Pastor Merv and Linda Gold HigherPraise.com Higherpraisetube.com


Dear Pastor, many Saints are being attacked physically during this Great End time Revival. But JESUS PROMISED.....He would deliver US from all afflications. Please contact me when the DR's are confounded.....at your miracle when THE LORD OF HOST.....APPEARS! Hallelujah. With great love for The Saints...Pastor Payton

God bless wonderful family of The Living God. We thank you for the kind words for this incredible ministry. Yet more so, we are overjoyed by the Power working within your faith! To know, the Lord has heard your prayers and the manifest healing in your body, is proof, 'God's divine Word is true.'

By the Anointing of The Holy Spirit, we exclaim deliverance from all afflictions, and pray with joy and great power, the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST as LORD over all things. Much prophesy is being exposed even as we speak, preparing the saints for that GLORIOUS appearance of OUR SAVIOR return!...It is truly an honor communicating with such faithful saints in this final hour in the Lord's Church.

Again, BCF would like to thank you for your prayers and divine faith in our ministry. As well, the anointing i feel right now even as this is being replied. (Hallelujah)

May the grace of Our Lord continue to shine upon you as witness's of His Divine Resurrection.

With Great Love in The Bride,

A. Payton Sr.
Witness Of The Lord Jesus the Christ
Sen. Pastor/Bride Christian Fellowship, INT'L

P.S. Beloved 'Get well soon' The saints of The Living God salute you and need you both. IJN


On Thursday, August 22, 2013, Pastor M Gold (HigerPraiseTube) of USA said

Thanks Brother Have a great day, MD Gold 8/1/2013

Pastor Gold...By God's Eternal Power in HIS saints...IT is done. Be WHOLE IN JESUS NAME. PASPS


On Thursday, August 22, 2013, Pastor M Gold (HigherPraiseTube) of USA said
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Thanks for the prayers, I will be having surgery this Friday Aug 2. Please pray for Gods hand to guide and to protect every organ, blood vessel and to bring a perfect healing. miracle. Pray God will use the doctors and the whole team, that the Lord will guide their hands eyes and thoughts, that they remove the tumor perfectly.

We love you all, thanks for your ministry. God Bless Respectfully Pastor M Gold 7/31/2013

Greetings Pastor Wes and Staff,

The family of Bride Christian Fellowship would like to thank you all for your continual prayers and support during the 8 month's of us being apart of your ministry. We are very grateful for you allowing us to post as many sermons as we have.

As we mentioned months ago, the Lord was leading us to develop our own website which is now active; www.bridechristianfellowship.com. We would like to ask your permission Pastor Wes, if we could continue to give out your website on websites and link this site ours page as well as if you would like to be a sponsor.

We will continue to pray for you and your ministry and ask that you continue to pray for us. We are looking forward to the continue fellowship with HigherPraiseTube.

Lord Bless,

Bride Christian Fellowship
Phoenix, AZ


On Wednesday, March 20, 2013, Yolanda Collins, TX said
Wonderful Study, Pastor A Payton Sr Sermon The Reformation 2012!! I truly enjoyed this service. very Powerful. Amen !!

God Bless you, Sister Yolanda - PASPS

On Wednesday, December 12, 2012, Henry Osborn from Youtube said
Henry Osbornjm wrote: Nice Wοrk! Ӏ just fіnіsһеd watching one of your vіdeos and havе tо admit Ӏ was pretty impressed, PASPS My Gift To Jesus Christ The Lord Lets Worship. I cаnʻt believe that your vіdeο isn't ɡеttіnɡ mоrе than 19 vіews, Ι mean come on ρеοрlе! It really blοԝs mе аwаy thаt some of thе ϲrаp tһаtʿs on һerе gеts so рopulаr, and then the trulу goοd stuff like уοurs ɡets lοst іn tһe crοwd.

Do yοu reаlіzе that your videоs are sοme of tһе bеttеr оnеs that YouTube has to οffer? Thank уοu sο much fοr making thеm!


Thanks Henry...We have accurate count of all our replies and comments, regardless of the techincal deception used against this ministry. As well, very grateful numbers on our videos have been manipulated. The inconsistencies on several videos substantiates our ministry and testifies our job is not in vain. Therefore as you stated, If we did product garbage the view count would be much higher than shown on site. We thank you for your gracious reply. Lord keep you always. BCF USA INDIA AFRICA

On Sunday, November 18, 2012, Jodi Tomi, Elbridge, NY said
Bible Study Psalms 51 Pastor A Payton Sr: "" Blessed are the Pure in heart for they shall see the Lord" Matthew 5:8"


On Monday, September 3, 2012, Kevin A. Vaughan from USA said

Praise Him and continued blessing for you, your family and the ministry!!!


On Monday, September 3, 2012, SCOTT GRIMMETT FROM 11TH HOUR NETWORK said

Praise the Lord, Pastor - your passion for our King and our God never ceases to set my heart ablaze. May our Holy Father bless you with healing for your back - restoration even now as though it was never hurt. Much love to you, Brother - you are a mighty man of God and a blessed son who will be a great instrument of grace and mercy in this Great Outpouring that is even now coming upon the Earth.

Hallelujah, Brother - Our King is coming! 

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord, Scott :)


On Wednesday, August 8, 2012, SCOTT GRIMMETT FROM 11TH HOUR NETWORK said
Scott Grimmett commented on your video "Announcement from PASPS: Bride Christian Fellowship Inauguration in Nigeria Africa" on The 11th Hour Network

------------ Wow, very powerful, Pastor - thanks so much for sharing this! I never tire of seeing our Father's children worshiping Him, and in every tongue that exists under the sun. Praise the Lord! :)


Greetings my beloved friend and fellow servant,

Been a stretch since we spoke last, knowing you are well in the Kingdom of our Father. As seen in the video posted, we have established a new fellowship in Africa. The servant there (Pastor Ogunjobi) has been corresponding with us for over a year, while studying our ministry stateside. After praying over the situation, as well as this HUGE REVIVAL in that country....Pastor Gabriel felt it necessary to change into a NEW DIRECTION. The Fire Of The Holy Spirit!!! Hallelujah!!! Much of their ministries were planted by missionaries who did not understand of have knowledge of THIS...Which as shed after the birth of the Church In Act. It our joy to know with obedient acceptance through faith in our vision. They have decided to change their exisiting name from "Holy Ghost Deliverance Mission" to B.C.F. of NIGERIA as well as covenant themselves by wearing the same robe given to me from The Father! During the video, you will notice praise and worship, and a slight pause? After viewing this I was confused, (after feeling the POWER or their worship) therefore questioned the Pastor regarding this brief pause....He explained, after counciling members regarding the new NAME CHANGE they would need to transfer the OLD SPIRIT of Worship out of the sanctuary (Hallelujah) and usher in the NEW SPIRIT OF THE BRIDE!!! Glory to the name of the Lamb. By his divine grace and mercy beloved....We have fulfilled Matt. 28:19 with hopes of new souls added to our Lords Kingdom.

As alway, & with great brotherly love...

Bro. Payton.

(These are those who have set the world on FIRE....By THIS GOSPEL! )

Lord Bless


On Wednesday, July 18, 2012, Ilovjas from US said
Thank you Pastor for your Wisdom on this so neglected subject essential to Salvation. The sermon on Pastor A. Payton Sr. Sermon "Power of Baptism" Pt. 1.


Your welcome beloved of God. Truth shall make us free. Pastor Payton

On Wednesday, July 18, 2012, Sherry Lynn Johnson from CA said
Sis Glori Ben, I just want to thank The Lord for you, this page (The Scarlet Armor on Facebook) and the other sisters who bring the Word of God here. You have been instrumental in helping to restore my faith and trust. I am rejoicing bcz even tho the enemy tried me and still it seems like every time I turn around and I think things couldn't get any worse, they have, I still know it's all going to work out for our good. In Jesus Precious Name Amen and Halllelujah!


On Saturday, July 14, 2012, Kevin A. Vaughan from Kennesaw, GA said
Sermon: Bible Study: Living In The Image Of God PASPS

Praise the LORD! Blessing to all receiving this today!

Remember: Out Love, Out Forgive and Out Serve each other, for this is the HEART of GOD!!

Stay excited and on the battle field for JESUS!

Good day, Kevin Vaughan, CEO The Men's Let's Talk Network, LLC Kennesaw, GA


On Saturday, July 14, 2012, Pamela Willis from CA said
Just wanted say Praise the Lord! Really Blessed by The Scarlet Armor.


On Wednesday, July 4, 2012, SCOTT GRIMMETT FROM 11TH HOUR NETWORK said
Wonderful Sermon, on" Bible Study: Living In The Image Of God (PASPS)", Pastor! More of our Brothers and Sisters need to receive this passion and Word from our Father to clean their lives up and snuggle up closer to our Lord and Savior. You're also right-on by stating that our God has never changed - He was the same in the Old Testament days as He is…


On Tuesday, June 19, 2012, SCOTT GRIMMETT FROM 11TH HOUR NETWORK said
Powerful Word, Pastor! "Sermon, The First Gate"

I love the story of Nehemiah and you've brought it forth with authority. Hallelujah, Brother! We are indeed preparing for our Lord's mighty return, and His coming is very soon. It's an honor to be a servant in this Army of the Living God with men such as you. Lifting you up to the Throne of Grace for continued provision and anointing.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord, Scott :)

On Saturday, May 19, 2012, SCOTT GRIMMETT FROM 11TH HOUR NETWORK said
Pastor Payton,

May our Holy Father's unspeakable shalom rest upon you Brother. Your devotion to our God is a fragrant offering that is waved before Abba - a pleasing aroma to El Elyon - the One and Only.

My prayers are with you and your wonderful ministry team - for provision, for protection from the enemy, and for continued inspiration from the Great Rhema of God, who shines on you whenever you speak. Your boldness and love speaks for itself, Sir - it's truly an honor to serve you however you have need.

The Great Outpouring is upon us - it begins now. The Holy Spirit is going to be poured out upon all creation as never before - a 2nd Pentecost greater than the first. With it will come miracles, signs, and wonders that will finally fulfill what Yeshua promised when He told us, "you will do greater things than this". Hallelujah - let it be so, Holy Father!

The next several years are going to be astoundingly wonderful for anyone who truly knows Jesus and is walking in lockstep with Him. A time of great darkness for those who refuse Him, but a time a unparalleled light for those who are His. After that time will be the enemy's brief moment of triumph (Jacob's trial), followed immediately by our King's glorious return and His coronation in Jerusalem - His thousand-year reign, having officially begun.

Now is the time of great movement of the Holy Spirit (Rhema) and the great harvest... Praise the Lord, Pastor - I'm tickled to be a part of it with people like you and your team.

I also love your prophetic utterances - I'll be sure to include them in the Words that I appeal to for sustenance as I walk with our Lord and Savior.

Thank you for your kind words - I truly appreciate them more than I can articulate..

Much love and shalom to you Pastor - you're a great man and it's my privilege to be serving with you in this mighty army of the Living God, about which was prophesied in the book of Joel.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Scott :)


On Thursday, May 17, 2012, Scott Grimmett from 11th Hour Network said
Pastor, it 's wonderful to see you Sir... This is wonderful undiluted Word of God Most High, The Ark In Your Life. All praise and power and glory to Jesus Christ our King! I'm praying for you Brother - I rejoice in the word you preach.

Scott :)

On Thursday, May 17, 2012, 04pdamico viewer from YouTube said
This sermon (The Ark In Your Life) spoke to my life right now..confirming that I need to sit back and reevaluate my walk with God...there is a difference when you feel the ark removed from your life...bless you

On Wednesday, April 18, 2012, Scott Grimmett from The 11th Hour Network said
Hallelujah, Pastor! Wonderful sermon, The Passion of Jesus Christ - I love your passion, Brother. Your description of our Lord's sacrifice is anointed and food for the soul. It's so wonderful to know that there are brothers and sisters in Christ who still burn with the Holy Fire of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach, the King of Glory. Prayin…


On Tuesday, April 17, 2012, Scott Grimmett from The 11th Hour Network said
Amen Pastor! Hallelujah to the King of Kings! :) Sermon, A Place Called Home


On Tuesday, April 17, 2012, Scott Grimmett from The 11th Hour Network said
Amen Brother Payton! The Bible Study The Doctrine of God, Sound doctrine is exactly what Paul warned Timothy that this generation would not tolerate. The undiluted Word of God is a beautiful thing! Thank you for your continued service to our King! God bless you, Sir. :)

On Thursday, March 1, 2012, Scott Grimmett from 11th Hour Network said
Scott Grimmett commented on your video "Pastor A Payton Sr POWERFUL ANOINTED Sermon The House Of God" on The 11th Hour Network

------------ Hallelujah, Pastor - this is undiluted Word from our Father! If every pulpit in this world rang with these kinds of words the restoration of His Body would sweep the earth! They will - and it shall, ...


On Thursday, March 1, 2012, Scott Grimmett from 11th Hour Network said
Dear Pastor Payton,

Your service to God is a fragrent offering to our Holy Father who sits on High and is watching jealously over His children. Rest assured, Mighty one of God - warrior angels have been dispatched to watch over you and nothing evil will come nigh. Rest in our Father's great provision for you and continue boldly in this wonderful love.

The Gospel you preach is powerful and holy - you have been lifted up to be a voice in the wilderness paving the way (blazing the trail) for the multitudes who are to follow. This is our assignment, Brother of God - to be raised up as fellow soldiers in the Army of the Most High so that those who are asleep and living in worldliness can be aroused from slumber and cleansed from all unrighteousness. Our King is coming soon - through His children and then FOR his children... Many are NOT ready - and our voices must ring out the alarm.

I (and my brothers and sisters) will continue to lift you and your family to the Throne of Grace for your safety and provision. Please be sure to post this threat to your safety in the prayer group so that the prayer warriors of God can be mustered to your side for action.

Love you Brother - you are very precious to the Kings and I and we will do whatever is possible to support you and your wonderful ministry.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Scott :)


On Monday, January 9, 2012, First Century Ministry from US said
Praise God for your work as well Pastor ... we have really enjoyed your sermons and messages ... we thank you for your service and dedication to the Kingdom ... it is an honor to serve with men as yourself.

Let us know if we can help in anyway with your work brother.

Praise God and Our Messiach forever .... amen.


On Monday, January 9, 2012, Chiquita Chanay from MS said
Sermon, The Reformation 2012, Hey Glori, I loved that word!! Thank you!


On Monday, January 9, 2012, Ellen Nash from CA said
Sermon, A Time To Cry: Glori, thanks for sharing. I enjoy the sermons.


On Monday, January 9, 2012, Glisaltu from US said
Receiving Your New Name Wonderful sermon, Thanks Brother


On Monday, January 9, 2012, Joy from US said
Sermon, Get Your Oil Back, Part 1 Your ministry is a blessing.


On Monday, January 9, 2012, Melanie Stewart from US said
Pastor Payton, I found you on YouTube, I am listening to Victory in Your Marriage. Thank you soo much. You said Who put you together and is it of God… How do I know if my marriage was God ordained (which I don't think that it was)? What do I have to stand on if it isn't. i am going through hell. Thank you.


On Monday, January 9, 2012, Sally Zimmer from US said
Sermon, Coming of the Ark: Amen, brother. Another wonderful message. Many blessings.


On Monday, January 9, 2012, Scott Grimmett from US said
Thank You Saints: Pastor, it's an honor to have you serving with us in this mighty charge as we rouse the bride from slumber and prepare her for the King. Glory to God, He Reigns! Your brother and servant in


On Monday, January 9, 2012, Tynee Graf from US said
Urgent Prayer For Pastor Joseph Nanarkhani In Iranian Prison. My prayers are with Pastor Joseph.


On Monday, January 9, 2012, Scott Grimmett from US said
Sermon, Get To Work, Loved the song, Pastor... God Blessings to you and your family today. :)


On Monday, January 9, 2012, First Century Ministry from US said
Sermon, Get To Work, Aaaaaaaaah, you say Pastor ... deliver God's message! You Say It Pastor



On Monday, January 9, 2012, Scott Grimmett from US said
Sermon, Coming of the Ark, Wonderful message Brother... :) God bless you Sir.


On Monday, January 9, 2012, Hugh Ward from Texas said
Thank you for the usage of the original form of our Messiah's name. I attend Life Tabernacle Oneness Pentecostal Church in Gilmer, Tx. Our pastor Rev. D.B. Kitchell has taught this name and the Jewish Roots of this good news for at least 12 to 15 years, but yet we still do not hear it used outside of our own congregation. It is a blessing to hear you use this name in your preaching. Shalom uv'racha baShem YAHshua Peace and Blessing in the name of YAHshua


On Monday, January 9, 2012, Mrs. Allinall from US said
Bible Study The Passover Blood of Jesus, 5 stars........Good teaching......Thank you for posting. I sure enjoyed this Bible class. It is a blessing to see a man of God that loves Him and His word. This kind of teaching is what we need. So many people are flocking to well known TV ministers just to be entertained. But this is what we need....This ministry will bring us closer to the Lord.  Thank you for loving God and being obedient.



On Monday, January 9, 2012, higherground2050 from US said
Sermon, Who Is Jesus Christ, Part 2, Like the part about mans number is 6 and the perfect number is 7. Never really thought about it that way. Thanks.



On Monday, January 9, 2012, Mrs. Allinall from US said
Sermon, Coming of the Ark, Wow!!! This is the Blessed Word!!! This pastor is concerned about savings souls. I can tell he is not in it for the money. Thank you for sharing.



On Monday, January 9, 2012, higherground2050 from US said
Pastor, your sermon, Get To Work, Love the message. Always inspiring to hear the word of God.



On Monday, January 9, 2012, Brenda McNeal from US said
Pastor your, BCF Complication, We attend Cornerstone and our pastor preaches like you. The Word is so rich.



On Monday, January 9, 2012, Bible Psalm from US said
Pastor, your sermon "Cant Touch This!" Powerful Sermon, PTL


On Saturday, January 7, 2012, Erik from US said
Sermon, I'm Coming Out - God Bless. Anointed Sermon Awesome!! Like one preacher said, take the HolyGhost to Wal-Mart. Just 2 weeks ago in Wal-Mart I told a person about the Lord. The next week He and his wife came to Church.


On Saturday, January 7, 2012, Anthony Morrel from Phoenix, AZ said
AMEN! Thank you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! This is needed, Bible Study, Who Is Jesus Christ, Part 1?

Keep it up Pastor Payton!



On Saturday, January 7, 2012, Dan Agronomy from US said
I have seen a number of your videos. Your sermons and teaching are 2nd to none. Keep on for Christ, His reward awaits you. Your Studies for the who is Jesus Christ will they be on this site, I hope so. I wont go to You tube


On Saturday, January 7, 2012, Sawe Muctory from Chicago said
No man knows the Hour in which our Lord shall come. We can know by the signs of the times that it is close. We are to be sober and always ready. I searched and found your sermon about May 21 on HigherPraiseTube, I liked your study, good preaching. I will be watching for more.


On Sunday, January 1, 2012, Mrs. Allinall said
Thank you, Sis. Glori, for posting the HOLY NEW YEAR 2012 message. This is the anointed word of God....This is Truth!! I can tell this pastor is not concerned about getting a mega church...he is concerned about making sure we are feed the truth even if the word hurts our style of life. Some of the mega churches are just entertainment centers. Thank you. You have encouraged me to get closer to the Lord. Salvation is so precious.


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