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Dreams And Visions
November 18, 2011

On Sunday, December 28, 2014, Grace Yohanna said
Hi pastor It's 3:26 a m here. I had a dream. I saw my self with someone I used to know. I accompanied him somewhere and I saw diamonds all around. We carried, actually stole the diamond. My friend didn't want to share the diamond so he killed his other accomplice. I took the diamond and ran away contemplating when to get outta the country. Then a call came through. As I picked I saw two mean looking men in a jeep watching me. As I tried to get away, something pulled me back. Like a rope or chain on my neck . i couldn't get away. What's it mean sir?


On Saturday, October 18, 2014, Pastor A. Payton Sr. said
Greeting's Bro. Harris

In the Holy & Eternal Name of The Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Thanks for your patience in this wonderful gift from The King of Kings & Lord of Lords. Bro. Harris, when originally contacted regarding your vision/dream, I must admit, my Spirit rejoiced knowing God's divine glory, anointing & life, remains on you. Beloved, we've never met, nor do I know who you are in the flesh. Yet, your vision is very timely indeed. And by The Power Of The Holy Spirit...here is the interpretation of yours.

Bro. Harris, As I read your dream/vision immediately I knew it was "universal" or rather a message to all saints, during this time in The Church. You mentioned as a child, a certain Evangelist came to your church, spoke with power, which lead you to receive The Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:38. Immediately, I knew..."Your vision was your calling into ministry"....with a special anointing on your life. I continued to read as you stated, "All this was done when you were a child" Bro. the amazing aspect of your anointed vison is, most people can't remember what they ate thursday of last week, yet, your "very vivid" recollection shown you by Our God remained completely intact many years later. The reason is this, "IT WAS SEALED" in you for this very hour. Notice, you were given "weapons" as a child right after receving power" by hearing the Word of God. My first question was...WHO GIVES WEAPONS TO A CHILD?....Glory to God!

Your dream then is for your life now. I'll explain in a minute. In your vision, you mentioned fighting the devil with "The Whole Armor of God" right? Brother, I don't know if you know this but in scripture, this is mentioned once by The Blessed Apostle Paul for saints who were about to go through persecution, in their lives. Therefore; your vison is certainly a direct invitation....INTO YOUR CALLING AS A PASTOR OF THE LIVING GOD. How do i know this? Its simple, In your dream/vision notice, when you used the whole armor to fight, it wasn't until you felt your strength weaken...before you called on Our Savior for help in battle. Which mean, you have a fighting spirit, with faith, to defend God's presence, without fear of the devil even as a child. There is only one child in the bible with this type 'courageous spirit' His name...King David! So in short beloved, as a child you were shown who you are, to protect the children of God, by the Armor Of God now that you are all grown up!

The fulness of time has come, "Start your prophetic ministry" Preach God's Kingdom until He returns. Also, Our Lord lead me to the meaning of your whole name. It's meaning......COVERING & PROTECTION! A coincidence? I think not. Interesting how when you fell asleep as a child, The Armor of God was the first gift given you through a song. Also King David's first gift to fight...was armor. But he did not use The King Saul's weapons...He used the power of The Song to destroy Goliath.My question for you brother is quite simple...Are you ready to sing it right now? Don't know if this is your dream or someone elses yet... This is the interpretation therof by the Power of My Christ whom I serve in faith. God bless beloved. IJN

Pastor A. Payton Sr.


On Wednesday, October 15, 2014, Lee Roy Harris said
I received a vision from the lord as a youth. I was very active in the church then. Our church in Tampa FL had a evangelist come her name was Kimberly Dainels. Her testimony was amazing. After her message she had a call for prayer. I went she prayed for me and for the first time I was baptized in the spirit and spoke in tongues. Later that night as I lay in my bed still awake I start to see a vision I saw the devil far off and he was ready to attack me. So I prepared for this battle in a amazing way. We had a song in my youth group with all the armor of God that we sang. As I begin to sing this song all the armor of God is placed on me. It was beyond amazing I saw all parts of the armor of God the shield of faith the helmet of salvation the breast plate of righteousness the sword of the spirit the belt of truth the shoes of peace. This armor was gold with diamonds and emeralds and all types jewels. this was more then a dream because everything was extremely vivid. So me and the devil began to battle he shot fiery darts at me from far off and I used the magnificent sword of the spirit to send back my attacks. the enemy began to over power me and I felt as if I was literally about to die as I fell in my last desperation I called on Jesus! He came down! In his radiant glory and immediately the devil was gone. His glory was shining so bright I could not look I got down and put my hands over my head. Jesus told me remember Lee the battle is not yours its the Lords. then I was back laying in my bed just laying there intrigued and awestruck over what I saw. I did not fully understand this vision then and I am still seeking God for answers. May God bless you all.


On Wednesday, June 4, 2014, Cora Dawson said

I woke up from a dream where this lady was looking for her son, and then the lady had found her son, she found her son talking to a police officer. Her son was telling the police officer that he overheard that something devastating was going to take place in Africa Dec.11, 2014. Then the boy looked to his mom and said we got to do something before this happens.

I wasn’t in the dream but like a spiritual being looking in thru a glass window.


On Tuesday, May 14, 2013, Maureen Wheeler said
Back in Feb of 2005, I went to bed and closed my eyes to pray (as I do every night). For 2 weeks prior to this vision, when I would close my eyes and pray, I started seeing a 'BRIGHT LIGHT't. I thought maybe it was something in my room causing it, so I put on my mask and still saw the 'BRIGHT LIGHT', so I then covered my head with a blanket, while still wearing the mask, and put my hands over my mask that was on my face. I STILL saw the 'BRIGHT LIGHT'. For 2 weeks, every time I went to bed to pray, I would see the 'BRIGHT LIGHT', On Feb 24, 2005 I went to bed as usual, and started to pray, ALL OF A SUDDEN I AM SEEING A VISION for the first time in my life, it was more than a video, it was like I was taken to the top of a small mountain looking outwards. It scared me at first, but just for a second, and I told my husband, who was lying next to me. I saw a HUGE mountain, there was lava coming down the mountain on the right side, then there was lightening-like fire bolts on the left side of the mountain, shooting down and charring the ground to a black. The Lava was still coming down and I saw ALL of the colors, orange, red, & yellow. Then all of a sudden the earth started rumbling and churning up from the base of the mountain to right in front of me at the base of the small mountain I was standing on. Then coming from my left, up over the horizon was a dim light , that got BRIGHTER and BRIGHTER as it came over the horizon. The Volcanic eruption ceased, the lightening bolts stopped coming down and the earthquake stopped completely. During this vision, I was WIDE awake, I got up out of bed walked around my house, went back to bed, and the vision RESUMED exactly where it left off. After everything had ceased, I got out of bed AGAIN and paced the floor, asking Our Father what this meant. I finally went back to bed, closed my eyes, put my mask back on, with the blankets over my head and again I put my hand over my mask that was over my eyes and then I saw ANOTHER VISION.... I am THERE, STANDING ON A HILL, over looking a valley. There to my right down below me, were 2 horsemen, sitting on beige and brown horses. The horsemen were wearing attire that looked like a uniform, beige in color, with round brimmed hats. They were sitting on the horses inside of some absolutely HUGE MASSIVE BEAUTIFUL iron gates that were open. I was also on the inside of the iron gates. The horsemen were watching a LONG procession of cars coming very very slow through the iron gates. When I looked over the iron gates out towards the procession of cars, I could see what seemed like 1000's of cars, all different colors, red, white, blue, green, black, yellow. As I was watching the procession of cars coming through the iron gates, the road curved and the Lord told me that they were ALL going to a funeral for all the lives that were lost from the volcanic eruption, lightening bolts and earthquake the days prior. He told me that it was the worse devastation that mankind has ever seen and that there were more lives lost, than in the history of mankind, He told me at least 1/3 of mankind died. This was one funeral for ALL of those that died. Thank you sooooo much for reading this and for letting me know what it all means. Sincerely, MAUREEN WHEELER


God Bless you Min. Maureen, I greet you In the Name Of Jesus Christ Our Lord & from the redeemed of the Living God.

Dear Saint, all dreams & interpretation given to God's Divine Church are a blessing. According to The Apostle Paul, these "gifts" are for edification, growth, development & increased faith to those who call upon the sacred Name Of The Messiah.

Upon reading your vision, I prayed, showered & anointed myself with God's Holy Oil for clarification in this incredible gift you have received. It is without a doubt "God's Grace" which HE has so wonderfully allowed, for this interpretation and because of its power, for the first time....Interpretation will come as it is being responded. Here is today is the revelation of yours IJN.

As I began reading your dream dear saint, the first thing which caught my spirit was "The Date" and numbers biblically which they represent. Feb. 2005. The second month or the number "2' in the bible represents "witness" as mention in 2 Cor. 13:1 & OT Deu. 19:15 which states, "In the mouth of 2 or 3 witness's, let every word be established" you even mentioned in the dream the second date of Feb 24. (Bless God) 24 divided by 2 (witness) is 12 which represents.....BEING COMPLETE!

As a witness when something is truly complete it is uninterrupted which is why you woke up out of the "dream" went back to sleep and the dream continued. Sis. this dream was a "Complete Uninterrupted Witness" of what IS, WAS, & WHAT, WAS TO COME....(Even in the vision of covering your eyes with a mask, blanket, & hands...equals 3 witnesses) We rejoice with you as this represents the VISION CAME FROM THE THRONE!!! Hallelujah.

1. The 2 Mountains.

Notice, in your vision you were placed on a "small" mountain even while the larger was volcanic with eruption? The smaller mountain represents Zion (at this time) because the enemy has been given "a little power" only to fulfill prophesy, therefore we are securely protected in the HOLY PLACE or The Little Mountain. (Bless God Almighty) we will not be fully changed until the rapture therefore our place right now is to be safe" in the Holy Ghost. The Larger Mountain was The Anger Of The Almighty God against those who have been disobedient during this dispensation. This explains the "Hot Lava" pouring from the "Right Side" of this incredibly huge mountain. In Our Bibles saint, the Right Hand or Right of God is....HIS POWER, (as in genesis when he destroyed the Egyptians with his "right hand"). In short, the you witnessed Colossian 3:6 "The Wrath of God coming upon the children of disobedience. By the way (Praise God)...notice once the lave flowed to the little mountain....it stopped! Hallelujah!!!!

It stopped because "God is not angry at his saints, or those who reside on...The Little Mountain or The Church! (Glory!)

When the lava flow ceased, you saw a "dim light" on the horizon. This represents the mercies of God or the indignation & anger of the Lord....was completed! Just as Moses's was shown a "Rainbow" as a covenant & promise that he would no longer destroy the world by water (Gen. 9:11-17), the "horizon" was a symbol of God's anger being satisfied against those who rejected The Savior!

2. The Second Vision of the Same Dream.

After reading your first vision, "The Anointing " touch me, (even as it is while typing this) because you again after waking up...Paced the floor, got back into bed and repeated to Cover your eyes with the mask, blanket & hand, as you did in the first dream. This dear saint is VERY POWERFUL because as stated earlier, 2 & 3 are witnesses in biblical terminology. YOU COVERED YOURSELF 3 times, in 2 separate visions....Which means.....GOD HIMSELF HAS SEALED YOU AS HIS INCREDIBLE WITNESS to the saints of what is, was & is to come.

3. You mentioned seeing 2 men sitting on horses dressed in brown or beige. As well notice as the first dream, they were on the "right side" as the "lava" was in the first vision? Sister, biblically when a man rode a horse, he represented "WAR". When he rode a donkey it represented "PEACE"....The men were there to protect those who were on the "Hill" overlooking the valley, which can only mean...THEY WERE GOD'S ANGELS (2 witness's) protecting those who (bless the Lord) reside before the presence of The Almighty! The Large Beautiful Iron Gate which were before the MEN...(Notice you said they were on the inside of the gates)....Therefore the Gates must represent......THE WORD OF GOD, which if obeyed...allow those who are faithful to LIVE ON THE HILL!!!! Glory to HIS NAME

 4. The Procession.

 Finally you stated, the 2 men were looking at a long procession of multi-colored vehicles, for those who were killed by the LAVA of the first vision, also you mentioned the cars were moving very very slow into the same IRON GATES.

 If the mountain you were standing on overlooking the valley represents "Zion on Earth" then the vehicles moving within the gates must represent....SAINTS!

Yes dear sister, Saint's mourning for their family member's & friends who were destroyed by the "Anger/Lava" of the Living God!

 This is the interpretation in Jesus Name given to HIS saints, by the servant Of The Living & True God of creation, by whom I live & breath.

 Be Honor & Dominion Forevermore. Amen

 Pastor A. Payton Sr.

Bride Christian Fellowship

Phoenix, AZ U.S.A.



On Tuesday, April 17, 2012, Dory Ward from Jackson, Tennessee said
Dory Ward shares dream:My daughter and I we were in Walmart. We started walking towards the back of the store maybe by the Women’s section and we saw alot of commotion, talking and screaming! So we continued to walk by, I’m still trying to see what’s going on, because the young lady screaming, I think I know her, but they keep calling her Crystal (that’s not her name). So we end up going into the dressing room and we run into this young lady, looks like she works there, so we asked what was going on. She said a young lady came up to Crystal (the young lady screaming) and gave her a red gift card and as she was ringing her up I guess, the young lady told Crystal that she was going to kill herself. Do to all the commotion, Crystal didn’t say anything to anybody and they found the young lady in the bathroom dead! She had cut her wrist with a razor. So Crystal was so hysterical, they sent her to Bolivar TN. (it’s a town here near me, that has what they call "the crazy house")

NOTE: I went into prayer after I woke up, because the dream disturbed me and I didn’t understand it! I have an idea of what it was about, the Holy Spirit gave me a few things in prayer, but need more understanding and revelation of the whole dream and what it meant! Thanks and God Bless

TheScarlet Armor: Lord Bless Sis, First and foremost I thank you for your support in "The Armor" your words have blessed many & we hope you continue to bless us in the future. Our beloved Sis. Glori has sent me your dream, and I explained to her "All dreams and interpretations are from our Lord Jesus Christ for the edification of his people. And by the grace of our Lord, here is the interpretation of yours...

1. The Walmart represents in your dream, is a place where people who do not know each other assemble to purchase goods for themselves and others. (sending and receiving prayers) In the Dream...This would be yours or a New Church Fellowship.

2. You and your daughter are prayer warrior's who enjoy being in the sanctuary listening to the rich words spoken by your pastor(s)

(This would represent you both going to the back of the store, or being deep inside the Church)

3. The women's section in your dream is the "Women's Ministry" at your fellowship where many have been filled with the Anointed Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ.

4. The young lady they keep calling "Crystal" is not really her name as you remembered...But "Crystal represents 15 years or and anniversary of 15 years. This could be a friend of your daughter or someone in your fellowship who has received "A Gift" or dedicated their life to Jesus 15 years ago, who was or is currently in your fellowship and now, THAT individual is considering.... Backsliding from the Faith into death. (or the bathroom)

5. In the dream this "Crystal" was upset because instead of "giving the "RED CARD" (anointing) back to, or praying & encouraging the sister when she should have....The woman left her position in the sanctuary & became a backslider removed by his "Two-Edged Sword"! or "The Razor" you spoke of in the dream.

This my beloved Sister is the interpretation of your dream this day. In the Name of our Lord Jesus the Messiah.

Please pray for this Sister, for the hour has come that Jesus will not let her perish! The Arm of the Lord is not short...but extends eternal life to all who call on him, especially those who know him and are weak.

In the name of Our Eternal Master The Lord Jesus the Christ.

Pastor A. Payton Sr. Bride Christian Fellowship. Phoenix AZ

Dory Ward: Glory to God! Thank you so much Woman of God! May the blessings and favor of the Lord over take you and your Ministry, in the Mighty name of Jesus! Amen! I love you and continue to pray for me as I pray for you! Thanx again! To God be all the glory

TheScarlet Armor: P.S. The "Crazy house" is exactly what you saw in your dreams. The guilt of the Sister who could have intervened and did not.

Dory Ward: Ok, yes, I saw that, thanx again! This is such a relief, because I have theses dreams often and I know to pray, but some of them (like this one) disturb me, because I want to know what they mean!

TheScarlet Armor: Amen...And Lord Bless. PASPS


On Monday, February 27, 2012, Jaqculine Triggs from Kentucky said
I'm led by the Holy Spirit of God to share this: It was a few months back and I was sitting in a quiet place not only reflecting on God magnificent and Abundant Grace, but how when I least expect it, He shows me another matchless level of love that He has for me. There were so many satanic attacks coming at me, some verbal, some physical and others that struck my heart emotionally. I quickly removed my self from the place where I sat and began to pray.....the Holy Spirit said, "I didn't tell you to move...go back to your position." I went back to my seat....now mind you, my attacks were not strangers and I had grown weary of the same battle, seeming like the same time, same people daily....I sat there as I said, "Lord, I trust You. I know that You love me and that, no weapon formed against me shall prosper...so why do I feel so weak and that my armor isn't sufficient?" The Holy Spirit immediately ministered to me in God's Word, Joel 2:32, "And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD has said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call." Then He said, "If you know that I got you...look up!!!" I literally looked up and there was an Angel, standing what appeared to me to be 7 ft tall...covering the entire expanse of my seat as well as me...the wings were out-stretched and I am/was COMPLETELY IN AWE AND COVERED....I felt the Holy Spirit re-energize me!!! Attack still come....I am stronger and wiser in spirit....and understand that Satan is still trying to stop this Great Plan that God has for me....he is losing his battle because in my Master, Jesus Christ is VICTORY!!! Be Blessed as we each press on our different, yet equalizing journeys!!!


On Friday, February 24, 2012, Pastor A. Payton Sr said
Last weekend,

I was approached by a Min. who mentioned a brother in his fellowship who had a dream he could not interpret. I explained, all understanding of dreams are given from the "Father of Creation" and with patience and obedience could be revealed. In the dream, this brother stated he was in a vehicle moving forward until it drove itself onto a huge "boulder". Once on top the car was tilting forward & backwards until finally, inside the vehicle he felt it would fall head on into the ground. The minister explained, this brother somehow removed himself from the balancing vehicle, jumped to the ground and tried to steady the car by holding the bumper by which a "rear tire" tilted upward, and chipped his front tooth! After this he said...the brother woke up.

Immediately, the dream was revealed and through the Holy Spirit of the Living God, here is the interpretation & understanding given by the Holy Spirit.

1. The vehicle traveled by the brother...is his fellowship.

2. the Rock...Halleluhah, IS CHRIST.

3. The reason the vehicle/fellowship was balancing was the Church he attended is balancing after a terrible split.

4. The brother tried to steady the vehicle, or balance the Church, by holding its bumper, when a "tire" injured his front tooth. The Tire that injured him....is the Pastor.

Saints, i received a phone call later in the week from the minister who explained the dream. The brother in the dream was a minister in the fellowship, who was "having affairs" with sisters in the sanctuary including those who were married. Without shame, he was continued to minister in sin. As the Church is growing again this man was trying to "steady the vehicle" or fellowship until someone told the leadership what he was doing.

I was told, the brother received a call from the Pastor who asked if the allegations were true, by which he responded...yes! The Pastor then explained, he was to leave the fellowship, for a time & if he continued this infidelity in the fellowship....He would be openly exposed. Thus...Chipping his tooth or appearance before the congregation.

By the Holy Spirit given from the Lord. This is the interpretation given for this dream for this time. Lord Bless.

Pastor A. Payton Sr.



On Monday, January 9, 2012, PASPS said
Last week, I believe wed. or thurs., I dreamed I was right outside of a forest, clear from the trees yet right next to the edge of a mountain overlooking a beautiful tranquil sea! I immediately noticed it was either dusk or dawn as I sat before a fire waiting for something? I looked behind me & saw eyes only staring out at me but could hear nothing. On the fire was a piece of meat between two sticks like a rotissiere. It look like a cornish hen but really didn't know it was dark. I felt something Holy & Anointed approaching from the ocean, so I stood up! then.....I woke up.

Saints, here is the dream sent by the Holy Spirit of the living God to his people......

1. The forest, is the work.

2. The eyes of those hiding behind me are those waiting for me to move but they themselves would neither move nor speak.

3. The dusk or dawn is not the beginning or end of a day...BUT A NEW DAY!

4.The sticks which held up the "cornish hen" were 3, two on the side and one in the middle. 3 is witness. But witness to what? Witness that it would be enough to feed those hiding behind me.

5. What was the meat....THE WORD OF GOD! Saints our Messiah was telling me to continue preparing his WORD for those who are too afraid to come out of the shadows and to be a witness in the fight....and AS HIS APPEARANCE DRAWS NIGH!......I WILL STAND!

This is the interpretation from the Lord given unto me in a dream last week.

In the Masters sacred name.


(5 is Spiritual Power, God Bless)










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