A Word From The Pastor

We the ministry of the Living God greet you in the name of our Glorious Messiah Jesus the Christ. As you know times are changing in our atmosphere symbolizing the very an appearance of our Savior. Each saint during this hour should make them completely available during this prophetic season. We are grateful of all ministers/ministries dedicated to the development of his dear church, prompting a call for salvation all over the world. As we grow closer to prophecies of Joel 2 Chapter (releasing of God's Spirit) our priority should be the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19, preaching Jesus our Messiah whose very name brings freedom & liberty to all believers. The enemy has been preparing himself for this time, which for us should awaken our faith & create a sound mind for preaching "This Gospel" which has been purchased by his eternal blood.

We know we shall see you with the promised redeemer, yet we must work the works of our Savior, until he comes!

With Anointed Love & Honor!

Pastor A. Payton Sr.  

Bride Christian Fellowship

Phoenix, AZ

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